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Vocational Steps

750 S. Lincoln Ave., #104-374 Corona, Ca. 92882

(951) 236-5681

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Mission Statement

The mission of Vocational Steps is to instruct and guide adults with mild special needs in how to obtain employment, and to provide the support necessary to ensure their long term success.

The Need For Vocational Steps

With the increasing lack of vocational classes in High Schools and the ever widening disconnect between education and job preparation, we have seen young adults with mild special needs leave the public school programs and sit at home or roam the streets because they could not compete with their non-disabled peers in the job market. With their lack of computer skills in the area of job searches and filling out job applications on line, the difficulty that these young people have in finding and gaining employment has only intensified. By supporting Vocational Steps with their mission, you will not only be helping to decrease the unemployment rate of people with special needs, but also increase their purchasing power, and decrease fears and concerns businesses may have in hiring people with special needs.


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